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  • Lapua .222 Remington Cases (100)


    The .222 Remington case is a pure Lapua quality product. This flat trajectory shooting caliber is excellent for small game hunting and varmint purposes. The .222 Rem. brass can be reloaded time after time, without losing its performance and precision.

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  • Lapua .260 Remington Cases (100)


    Offering the same level of ballistic performance as the venerable 6.5×55 SE, the modern case design of the .260 Remington delivers superb accuracy in a short action format.

    Having already established its tremendous versatility not only in the game fields but also on silhouette ranges, the .260 Rem. brass is a natural for the Lapua line.

    Produced to superb quality control standards, Lapua’s .260 Rem. case will deliver the same sort of uniformity, durability and precision that handloaders have come to expect from Lapua brass.

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  • Lapua 6.5×55 SE Cases (100)


    ”Old soldiers never die” – the Lapua 6.5×55 SE. 6.5×55 Swedish, case is proof of that.

    This caliber has long been popular all over Scandinavia, and now its characteristics and performance have also been noted by sport shooters and hunters in other parts of the world.

    Lapua’s 6.5×55 SE brass is suited for mid-range hunting and target shooting.

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