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Jim Green Monster Boots


When you need a boot that’s 100% waterproof and a perfect balance between comfort and durability, Jim Green’s Monster Waterproof hiking and work boot is the way to go. Whether you’re heading on a multi-day hiking trip or looking for an everyday work boot that can handle any challenge thrown at it, our Monster Waterproof boot has you covered. After those long hours in the work field or the miles you’ve done conquering mountains, your feet will be dry and ready for the next day’s adventure.
Drawing on many years of boot making experience, designing the best hiking and work boots in Africa, Jim Green designed the Monster Waterproof with the adventurous explorer in mind. Fitted with all the technical requirements to never let you down no matter what challenge comes in its way.

  • Manufactured with 2.2mm leather, lined with waterproof lining makes this boot 100% waterproof
  • Waterproof lining provides a cool, dry comfort feel with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties
  • Extra thick ankle padding for excellent support, comfort and protection
  • Thermoplastic toe puff and a heel stiffener for extra support
  • Lockable eyelets to secure lace pattern and hold your feet in place
  • Thermo plastic midsole to enhance performance, stability and protection
  • Monster sole is made from a pure rubber
  • The combination of all components used, makes the Monster waterproof on of Jim Green’s top of the range boots

Jim Green