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Lapua .30-06 Springfield 170gr Naturalis Ammo (20)

Lapua .30-06 Springfield 170gr Naturalis Ammo (20)


  • Muzzle Velocity: 2723 ft/s
  • Muzzle Energy: 2794 ft-lbs

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SKU: 39138

The Naturalis® bullet design uses state of the art technology to produce consistent, controlled expansion of the bullet in hunting situations. The projectile’s polymer valve design uses hydraulic force to create the optimum mushrooming effect at the widest velocity range on the hunting bullet market.

The Naturalis bullet is designed and manufactured by using pure copper. The material, design and controlled expansion ensures a solid and nearly unbreakable construction. The weight retention, even after impacting on heavy bone, is frequently 100% of the bullet’s original weight. The boat tail design of the bullet eases reloading, and together with the streamlined ogive it provides improved downrange ballistics.

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.30-06 Springfield