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Lapua 6.5mm 108gr Scenar Bullet Head (Box 100) (4PL6020)


Lapua 6.5mm 108gr Scenar Bullet Head (Box 100) (4PL6020)

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SKU: 35390 – (4PL6020)

Lapua’s Scenar-L bullet is the result of decades of experience and state of the art manufacturing capabilities combined with extensive testing.

The Scenar-L has the refined qualities of the original Scenar bullet with higher standards of jacket wall concentricity, weight variation and dimensional uniformity. Scenar-L has truly earned its reputation as the go-to bullet for the best possible results in long range rifle shooting.

For top shooters in the world in benchrest, long range or F-class, Scenar-L is the ultimate match bullet, proven by the countless long range records set using it.