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Laser Genetics ND-3 Subzero Laser Flashlight


Laser Genetics ND-3 Subzero Laser Flashlight

Precision Machined From High Tech Aluminum
Black Matte Anodized Finish
Fully O-ring Sealed For Dust and Water
Fully Multi Coated Optical Lens System

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The Ultimate Night Vision Solution. To create true night vision, the ND-3 Subzero Laser Designator uses the same patented green laser technology as the standard ND-3 series. However through innovative engineering and equipped with a unique circuitry enabling the DPSS 532nm green laser to now operate at temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit without loss of power.

The patented Rotary Optical Collimator uses a system of 9 fully multi-coated lenses that allowing full adjustment and control of the beam diameter and intensity to focus light where needed most. Rotating the collimator ring to minimum creates a bright micro beam of green laser light visible up to 3 miles. Rotating the collimator to more open settings provides plenty of illumination to light a trail at night or “paint a target” at up to 250 yards.

Brilliant source of illumination for use in cold weather, marine or search and rescue operations. If you are a law enforcement or military professional who spends most of your time in warmer climates, such as 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above, we recommend using the standard ND-5 or ND-3 Series. However, if you are normally spending your time in rough and cold weather conditions in temperatures of 40˚ F. and below, and looking for a compact, lightweight and reliable source of light, then look no further, the ND-3 Subzero is your choice.



  • Precision Machined From High Tech Aluminium
  • Black Matte Anodised Finish
  • Fully O-ring Sealed For Dust and Water
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optical Lens System
  • Nitrogen Charged For Anti-Fog
  • 1″ Tube Adapts To Many Mounting Systems
  • Rotary Optical Beam Collimator – Allows Quick Adjustment of Beam Diameter and Intensity
  • 532nm Laser Light Frequency – Easiest Light For The Human Eye to See
  • Amplified Coherent Light – Most Efficient Light For Long Distance Illumination
  • Class 2M Laser Product



Dimensions 17.14 X 3.17 cm
Weight 152 g
Power Supply 1 CR123A Battery (Included)
Output Power 18 mW
Range Up To 4.82 Km

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