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Night Vision Deluxe Binoculars – Hands Free


  • Hands Free
  • Battery Life, up to 8 hours, 5 hours for night use.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Picture shooting & Video taking
  • 3x Optical lens, 2x Digital zoom

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There’s no need to slow down at sundown with the XANB50 Hands-Free Deluxe Digital Night Vision Deluxe Binoculars.

The electronic view finder uses 2x digital zoom to offer up to 600 feet at night and 1320 feet during the day.

The F1.4 aperture and IR LED enable you to capture photos and videos of the action for sharing later.

The performance, dependability, and versatility of the XANB50’s will outrank others like it.

Package comes with a padded neck strap, micro USB cable, and head piece accessories.


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