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Rabitech Apex Speargun 60/70/80/90cm


  • Grip:

    The Handle and the cassette of our APEX speargun grips are made from ultra strong, high quality Glass- Filled Nylon. The barrel fits into the grip to prevents any flex. The Trigger and the Sear is moulded out of solid Stainless Steel. The Line Release functions as an active unit with the sear and ensures perfect release of the spear line every time.

  • Aluminium Rail Barrel:

    We use an Anodized Marine grade Aluminium extruded barrel. On top of the barrel we fit a special Rail track of HDPE Plastic. We prefer to use a non metal rail to ensure a quiet spear release.

  • Spears:

    On the Aluminium guns we fit a High Tensile Spring Steel spear in either 6,5mm or 7mm depending on the length of the gun. On our Carbon spearguns we fit with a 17-4PH Stainless Steel Spear.

  • Rubber:

    We use the best quality imported speargun rubbers in both 16mm and 18mm. We rig the spearguns with either a single 18mm or twin 16mm rubbers according to each order.

  • Muzzle:

    Our muzzles are manufactured from ultra strong, high quality Glass- Filled Nylon.

SKU: 29845

The design of the Apex range of spearguns has proven to be a great success! We manufacture the spearguns in the following lengths: 60, 70, 80, 90




60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm