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Supa-Led 3w Aura Motion Sensor LED Headlamp


Supa-Led 3w Aura Motion Sensor LED Headlamp

Super bright, multimode headlamp: 230-degree floodlight , 1W spotlight and 3W COB floodlight.

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Front button: Activate or deactivate motion sensor. (motion sensor is applicable to the mode of operation during activation.).

Built in battery indicator turns from red to green when fully charged.

Motion sensor function is easy to use, switch between modes at the push of a button. When activated, simply wave your hand front of the sensor to turn flood light on and off.

Comfortable and easy to adjust elastic headband.

Rear button: press to turn on and filter through 4 modes; 1. Floodlight 100%. 2. Flood 40%. 3. Spotlight 100%. 4. Spotlight 40%. Press again to turn off headlamp. Hold down rear power button to activate simultaneous strobe function.

Flood light: High/100% = 350L, Runtime 2.5hrs. Low/40% = 150L, Runtime 5hrs.

Spotlight: High/100% = 150L, Runtime 4hrs. Low/40% = 60L, Runtime 8hrs.

Simultaneous Strobe: 350L, Runtime 8hrs.

Size: 300mmx35mmx32mm.

Weight: 95g.


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