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T-Line Titanium Orange Line 600m


T-Line Titanium Line

  • High abrasion resistant
  • High Performance
  • Extra Strong: The ideal rock and surf competition line

Titanium Line

Titanium Fishing Line was designed and manufactured specifically for the competitive rock and surf angler. The co-polymer raw material used to manufacture our Titanium Line is the same material that we use to manufacture our professional grade trimmer line. Why? Professional grade trimmer line is designed to withstand the abrasion of bricks, walls cement etc.

When using trimmer line, ideally one would want a line that can withstand the tough environment and not have the need to replace broken line, surely this applies to fishermen?

This is why with the best raw materials we combine specific additives to make our Titanium Fishing Line more flexible and case harden the outer surface to extend the abrasion resistance.

T-Line Titanium has been stretched to give optimal strength-to-diameter ratio, usability and a 60% knot strength. Any more stretch would make the line stiffer and less desirable.

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